A Specialised Approach To Every Stage Of Development

Our age-specific approach ensures every child receives optimal guidance at each stage of development. We help children learn and grow into their full potential while laying the foundations for future success.
First steps into a Bigger World

“A baby's brain doubles in size in its first year” Harvard, 2022. The stimulus it receives is critically important in the first 12 months of life. We encourage your child to feel confident to explore, providing them the nurturing care that forms the foundations of early learning.

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Able to accommodate any meal requirements
  • Natural play materials & a calm environment
  • Daily updates on your child’s progress
Growing in confidence

“A child’s brain grows to 80% of the size of an adults by age 3” Harvard, 2022. These early years are critical, ensuring they soak up new stimulus.

There is a vital time when toddlers become very interested in their environment. This is when they establish whether the outside world is ‘safe’ or not.

At the Center of Excellence, toddlers learn to explore in an environment where everything is at their scale and safe for them to touch. This helps your child grow in independence and confidence.

  • Learn to crawl, stand and walk
  • Interact with other toddlers in a safe & fun environment
  • Develop verbal skills: native English, French & classical Arabic
  • Modelling of responsibility & respect
Interaction With The Real World

Young children naturally reach out for interaction through babbling, facial expressions, and gestures, and adults respond with the same kind of vocalizing and gesturing back at them. This back-and-forth process is fundamental to the wiring of the brain, especially in the earliest years." Harvard, 2022

Children at this age are eager to engage in real-life situations, routines, and rituals. Through positive interactions with our early learning practitioners, we help our children understand the “what,” “why” and “how” of the world around them. As a result, their sensory development develops much faster.

  • Show first signs of emotional intelligence & empathy
  • Able to use basic logic & problem-solving skills
  • Hands-on activities to build sensory development
  • Cultivate self-esteem
Exploration & discovery

“By age 3, your child’s brain has developed over 100 Trillion new neurons” (Harvard, 2022). This is the key period for growth, ensuring their attention and interest are developed in these critical years.

At this age, our children begin to learn writing & counting using concrete forms. This leads to deep integration of this knowledge and a solid base to grow from.

  • First steps into reading & writing
  • Support in creating a positive self-image
  • Learn courtesy and empathy through modelling
  • Child-led learning for maximum growth
Resilience & Getting ready for school

“This is the age where your child’s brain fine tunes itself” (Harvard, 2022). Primary senses like touch, vision & motor skills are nearly fully developed. This is where we seed children with a lifelong love of knowledge and confidence in their ability to learn.

Our approach for this age includes reading, writing, creative play, and cooperation. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, which builds their independence & resilience.

  • Learn emotional intelligence & life skills
  • Tools for cooperation & problem solving
  • Development of math, reading & writing
  • Multi-lingual learning from fluent native speakers
Lay the foundations for academic success

“Positive association with learning is the key focus for these final preparatory years before primary school” (Harvard, 2022). This is where we develop their love of learning, setting them up for success in the school system.

We offer a KHDA approved advanced Montessori programme. Our students are frequently enrolled in the top schools in UAE & abroad, since they are already reading & doing foundational maths as they’re ready to enter school.

  • Integrated literacy & foundational maths
  • Learn a growth mindset through Montessori methods
  • Gain good learning habits & a postive self image
  • Cooperation & leadership modelled in mixed-age classes

Our emergent framework

Here at the Redwood Center of Excellence, there are so many ways we help each child flourish. By exploring the fascinating world in which they live and are surrounded by, children will strengthen their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Our emergent framework blends the best parts of all the leading approaches around the world. Below, you can take a look at the core concepts of our unique approach.

Practical lessons

Children love the feeling of independence, and in our Montessori classroom, they get to enjoy activities where they take charge. Pouring, hand-washing and polishing, cleaning and organising are just a few of the activities they can enjoy. Practical tasks such as these help children develop concentration and attention to detail.

Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence – Dr. Maria Montessori.

Cultural studies

As part of enriching our young learners here at Redwood, we educate them on the wonders of science, geography and history. An early introduction to these subjects develops knowledge, increases vocabulary and reading skills, develops physical skills and stimulates the senses.


The language programme at Redwood focuses on communication skills, vocabulary, speaking, listening, literature, grammar and writing. Each child pursues these separate skills at his or her own pace. Exercises include rhyming games, matching objects to pictures, sandpaper letters, and language cards.

Sensorial exercises

We look to educate and refine a child’s senses through sensorial materials that encourage exploration of dimension, shape, colour, texture, weight, aroma, taste and pitch. These materials are designed to simplify learning and awareness of the environment by isolating difficulty, isolating the senses, encouraging mastery through repetition and learning self-correction.


The maths curriculum focuses on the understanding of numbers, counting skills, measurement, fractions, simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Montessori method isolates each learning concept and introduces it to the child one step at a time.


Development of fine motor skills is crucial in the first few years of life. At Redwood, we put together a personalised programme for each child based on age-appropriate physical activities and skills. The ultimate goal is to support all children along the path to lifetime physical fitness by developing individual strengths, team building skills, self-discipline, coordination, balance, endurance and sportsmanship.


From babies to five-year-olds, each child at Redwood is taught art, music and movement in combination with cultural studies, history, literature, and more. We celebrate multiple perspectives – to us, there is no right and wrong solution to a problem. It’s all about creativity and self-expression which we seek to foster through auditory, kinaesthetic and visual stimuli.


Music at Redwood combines individual and group work with lessons designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles. Through music, children can develop a sense of self-confidence, satisfaction and individuality – qualities we nurture and showcase through regular performances that reveal some of their hidden talents.

Enrichment Program

We strive to encourage the development of each child’s skills and abilities. So, from 2 to 4pm each day, we offer a wide variety of activities such as boxing, drumming, cooking, music, arts, karate and more. These stimulating and challenging activities teach and promote respect, self-discipline and independence, but most of all, give children the chance to have fun.

Participation is optional and advanced booking is essential. While there are no fees for basic classes, some specialty classes may have an associated cost.

Real-Time Updates Sent To Your Phone

Through the Educore app, we update you daily with photos and reports of your child’s growth, and development, all direct to your phone with imagines & stories.

The teachers carry out observations every two weeks and these are also shared on the app. Parents can send teachers messages and teachers can reply back.

Observations and photos from Educore are used to put together a learning journal of the child's time at the nursery. Messages are sent out for upcoming events at the nursery or when something important has to be communicated to the parent. Parents are alerted by receiving notifications on their phones.

Enrichment Experiences

Early Education Beyond The Classroom
With a blend of academic and enrichment activities, Redwood Center of Excellence provides children with extra opportunities to explore and interact with their environment. Get more details below.
Passions Programme
Our Passions Programme aims to capture children’s attention and give them the chance to explore a broad range of activities. To encourage children to grow to their full potential, we provide them with daily opportunities to learn new skills and become socially savvy while strenghtening their problem-solving abilities and team spirit.
A little girl is working on a science experiment.
Special Interests Club
The afternoon club includes a wide range of activities such as yoga, ballet, and football. The opportunity to build life-long skills at this age is priceless and your child will cultivate important core values like teamwork and leadership.

Children will also participate in outdoor activities such as gardening with the goal of understanding the importance of the envirnoment, science, and nutrition.

Two little girls playing with plants in a pond.
Spring, Summer & Winter Camp
Our spring, summer, and winter camps are the perfect way to ensure your children are growing even during the holiday period. With multi-sensory learning technology, we keep your child’s mind engaged in a fun and dynamic way and foster growth through active play, music, arts, and learning activities.
A young boy is sitting on a stool reading a book.
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