A promotional poster for KFG Summer Camp's "Carnival Magic & Storytelling" featuring a summer music workshop, puppet show, magic show, and library storytelling. The poster includes images of children.
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Best Educational Summer Camp

Join the best summer fun from 1 July - 28 August

    Fun & Educational Camp (3 months to 6 years)
    Keep your child engaged this summer
    Get ready for a summer experience like no other! Our camp is more than just fun—it's your gateway to a lifetime of learning. This season, our campers will dive into a mix of exciting academic adventures and crucial social skills development. Keep reading to discover the incredible themes we've planned for the next eight weeks!

    • Sensory Carnival: Enjoy a fun-filled walk-through carnival.
    • Carnival Games: Participate in a STEM challenge with various games.
    • Bubble Show: Watch mesmerizing soap bubble art.
    • Magic Show: Enjoy a fun magic performance.
    • Bouncy Castle: Bounce, slide, jump, and climb.
    • Library Storytelling: Enjoy stories and books.
    • Puppet Show: Watch exciting puppet tales.
    • Summer Music and Dance: Dance to the carnival magic show

    Give your child an amazing experience at Redwood

    Join the summer fun

    See below how it works
    A young girl concentrating on tying a string around a small wooden frame, surrounded by plants.
    Choose the best formula

    How does it work?

    • Whether 2, 3 or 5 days a week, select the option that works for you and your child best!
    • In the UAE the entire summer break? Or only for 1 week? No problem. Select the weeks you want your child to attend.
    • You can pick up your child at the regular nursery timings we offer, whether it is early afternoon or end of day.
    Two young children smiling in circular cutouts of a wooden play structure, wearing white t-shirts with logos.
    Every day filled with fun

    What to expect?

    • Our playground is ideal to get them moving and improve their motor skills while having fun!
    • Instill a sense of camaraderie and collaboration with group activities!
    • Children will learn effortlessly as we dive into fascinating topics everyday
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    Our specialised environments are designed for learning through exploration

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