Specially Crafted Natural Settings For Play-based Learning

Our state-of-the-art facilities constitute the perfect balance between structure and freedom. We provide children with several natural settings they can explore and interact with, stimulating their learning and unique passions.

The Future Of Learning Facilities
Our facilities are designed by the best minds in early education. At the Center of Excellence, your child will feel at home.
Our learning spaces

Our children get ahead because our learning spaces are a fun and dynamic environment where they can play independently or with friends.

Sensory Room

Our children can enjoy our beautifully designed sensory room every day. Here, they will find a wide range of stimuli with different lights, colours, and sounds that will engage their senses, fostering their rapid development.

Play areas

Your child will create a strong connection with nature in our outdoor spaces. With eco-friendly and sustainable settings and even a botanic garden, our children are encouraged to develop creative interactions with their environment.

Performing arts

Art is one of the ways children express themselves. Through open-ended art activities, such as drama, dance, and music, we encourage children to explore their creative side and find inner joy.

Gym & sports

A colorful and fun gym is essential for the well-being of your child. Our sport-based activities are the best way to stimulate natural gross motor development.

Music Room

Our hand-picked educators are experts in engaging the ears, the eyes, the bodies, and the souls of children to actively involve them in the musical experience.

Art Room

In our fully equipped Reggio-inspired Atelier, our children find a wide range of materials where they can become skilled in communicating their understandings, emotions, and discoveries of the world around them.


Our library creates endless opportunities for reading, role play, and discovery. Through positive and natural learning experiences, our children master early literacy and math skills with joy.

Media Centre

Children are often over-stimulated by fast-paced media. We encourage children to engage with media in a more balanced way, as a supplement to physical learning.

Life After Nursery
Find Placement In The World’s Best Schools
When it comes to the success of your child, every minute counts.
Our emergent framework combines the best parts of all the leading approaches around the world. It’s no surprise that COE children often find placement in the world’s best schools.

We lay the foundation for future success and nourish children to grow into their full potential. At the Center Of Excellence we teach both the academic and vital social skills that prepare your child for the competitive world ahead.

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