A New Level of Health & Safety

To protect your child, we go above and beyond all safety protocols. From choosing eco-friendly sanitary cleaning products, to having a full time nurse on site & even choosing food that’s allergy friendly.
Holistic Health & Safety
Safety Planned By Health Experts
Your child’s health is our highest priority. We take our responsibility to your child seriously. Health and Safety experts have planned every minute detail of our center to ensure safety, and an optimal environment for young minds to grow.

Our experts see health going beyond just a safe environment. We plan the meals they eat, the behaviours we encourage and the way they learn to socialise and play in harmony with those around them. At the Center of Excellence your child’s future is our highest priority.

A young child standing in front of a toy shelf.
First Aid at COE
Nursing Team & Facilities In Venue
Staff members receive in-house training and have a full pediatric first aid certificate. We also have a qualified Lead Nurse with a dedicated & fully equipped clinic.

At COE, we understand the occasional incident or bump might happen sometimes. But children in our care will always have the proper assistance in case of accidents or emergencies.

A baby is playing with a red first aid box.

Security Access
Access is only given to known parents or carers and visitors are escorted by a member of staff.
Providing a Suitable Environment
Encouraging Behavioural Safety
Setting a good example for your children develops their awareness of what constructive behavior looks like. A child with an understanding of positive/negative behabiour can make informed decision of how to conduct themselves to become a positive member of society, respecting individuality and embrace diversity and inclusion.
Two children are playing with potted plants in a nursery.
Risk Assessments
Child Wellness Check-Ins
We do quick assessments throughout the day in all indoor and outdoor areas to see how your child is feeling. By getting a sense of their physical health and state of mind, we ensure children’s optimum well-being and safety on a daily basis.
A woman is helping a child at a table in a playroom.
Inspire Curiosity & Self Motivation With Playful Learning
Planned Meals To Develop Good Habits
At COE we encourage children to become aware of the importance of having a healthy and well-rounded diet in their lives.

The Center of Excellence also works in partnership with Leela's Lunches to provide meals for children above 12 months old.

A baby eating broccoli in a blue plate.
Positive Food Curiosity

Teaching children to be curious about food builds strong dietry habits from an early age. Children that learn to think of new things as ‘fun’ are open to making smart decisions about healthy and vitality.

Healthy Eating Habits

The meals we provide are planned for optimal health, variety & growth. Healthy foods help children to learn, concentrate and build sustained energy for physical activity.

Varied & Healthy Diet

Science shows a varied diet is the essential building block for the body to form and grow. A nutrient rich selection of foods gives the brain and body what it needs to function at optimal levels, a requirement for a young mind rapidly developing.

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