What is the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)?

IB PYP Curriculum

Our IB Primary Years Programme provides a range of opportunities to support children in becoming well-balanced leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

IB PYP Curriculum
IB PYP Curriculum

Explore how we put the PYP into practice:

1. Inquiry Led Framework

The PYP framework empowers children to take ownership of their learning through inquiry. This approach also provides opportunities for educators to collaborate by staying current on best practices and innovative teaching methods. Our dynamic Center, with flexible learning spaces and world-class facilities, provides an ideal setting to implement the IB PYP. The IB PYP prepares children for subsequent secondary programmes and lays the foundation for students to become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

2. Personalisation

Educators take children’s individual interests and learning styles into account when planning the curriculum, empowering them to ask questions and take initiative to discover the answers.

3. Exhibitions

Exhibitions and other special events foster teamwork and communication whilst enabling children to showcase their skills and talents.

4. Service Projects

Service projects encourage children to get involved in the surrounding community, where they learn the value of serving others and making a difference

5. Environment Stewardship

Children learn to be responsible stewards of the environment by participating in initiatives aimed at conserving precious natural resources.

6. Sportsmanship

Organised sports and other collaborative activities help children appreciate different roles and perspectives, instilling in them a sense of respect for themselves and others.

7. Technology Mastery

Children complete research and other projects using technology tools where appropriate. This teaches them not only to use technology responsibly but to become more adaptable as it continues to evolve.

Benefits of the IB PYP

1. Concept-Driven Model

The IB PYP is an inquiry-led, concept-driven model of learning designed to instil a foundation of knowledge in each child.

2. Encourages children to become self-aware

It is founded in the IB Learner Profile, which encourages children to become self-aware individuals who are committed to contributing to their communities in a positive way.

3. Motivates children to become creative

The structure of the IB PYP motivates children to become creative, innovative critical thinkers.

4. Connections to the real-world

The IB PYP makes connections to the real-world problems of today, allowing children to understand how to apply their learning in their own lives.

5. Holistic approach to education

This programme is often described as a holistic approach to education, as it focuses on the well-being of each individual in the Center.

IB PYP accreddited

What is the IB Primary Years Programme

The IB PYP is an engaging, child-centred curriculum for children ages 3-6 years that empowers children to become independent lifelong learners. The transdisciplinary framework allows children to learn various topics across subject areas, rather than solely memorising facts or topics in isolation. As children expand their skills and knowledge, they can apply them in real-world contexts.

The IB PYP at Redwood Center of Excellence supports the whole child, nurturing their academic, social and emotional development. This comprehensive framework focuses on international-mindedness and universal values along with key characteristics of dynamic citizens and leaders

The IB PYP consists of 5 crucial elements that children need for lifelong learning and success in 21st century society: Skills, Knowledge, Concepts Attitudes & Actions

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Our IB Primary Years Programme provides a range of opportunities to support children in becoming well-balanced leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

IB PYP Curriculum

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