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By jm_admin

The big step of starting nursery is filled with so many emotions! Our babies grow so quickly! No matter how well we think we have prepared yourselves for our children for their first day, watching them heading through the nursery doors can be hard!

Let’s be honest, many parents don’t sleep well before their children’s first day of nursery, as we lay thinking about what our children’s new routine will look and feel like.

At Redwood Center of Excellence, we recognise that this is such a significant chapter for you and your children, whether they have been in another nursery setting or at home with you. Starting nursery is an adjustment for everyone. It’s the start of many ‘first days’ but this one is often the hardest for everyone. And we are here to listen and offer our help.

Dealing with our own emotions

That first day can be an emotional rollercoaster- whether it’s your first born or your fourth! Your baby is growing up and it can trigger a lot of mixed feelings. New educators caring for your children along with different rhythms and routines- it takes time for us all to adjust.

To help in the start of this new journey in your children’s young life, we have organised plenty of activities and settling-in rhythms for us to get to know you and your children as much as possible as nursery begins.

You will be receiving plenty of information for ahead of time with all the preparation details, what to bring and how we do things differently at Redwood Center of Excellence. We have a fun-filled calendar of memorable events and activities for children and their families to welcome you into our Redwood Community.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child and that is what we are building here at Redwood Center of Excellence.

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